The Best Pistol Chest Holster│Pistol Chest Holsters Reviews And Guide-2020

Chest holsters got huge popularity among firearm lovers. On the following update, we will mostly focus on different best pistol chest holsters and try to share a precise a knowledge about pistol holsters, as well as the qualities that make one an idea and perfect option.

I will also go through those terms are needed as a pistol owner since you are looking for a good pistol holster.

Handy. We have also hand-pulled and reviewed the best chest holsters on the market to assist with your decision-making process. Obviously, the top quality of almost any holster ought to be relaxation. If your holster isn’t comfortable, you can’t use it all day. Nor will you be able to utilize it correctly.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The best chest holsters

There are different types of chest pistol holsters are available but don’t think all of them are good. Some of them comes without considering your pistol measurement and requirements.

The same as any other sort of holster, the chest holster really requires some qualities and features to be an apt one. Some of them are:

Common Features Of A Chest Holster

A good chest holster comes with a few common features that should be present on every chest holster. it doesn’t matter whether it is Kenai chest holster, Kydex, rig chest holster, conceal carry chest holster or Leather Chest Holster. You must notify the following features when determined to take the best chest holster.

Tight, Comfortable, and Snug Fit are the primary task of a simple chest holster. A chest holster guarantees that nothing entangles or snags your holster while you move through forests or some other likely area.

They fasten tightly to your body and distribute the burden of the weapon entirely around your torso. Furthermore, the Chest holsters are also comfortable while sitting, running or driving. On the other hand, it Works Well in Strenuous Situations. As the waistband draw isn’t a great alternative here as you’ll need to tilt or bend to reach your weapon out.

A chest holster is useful in these severe conditions, necessitating the smallest motion of your arm. In addition to that, many chest holsters have added space for extra mags, which is a plus under any scenarios.


Needless to say, you must take a chest holster which comes with enough comfortability. You may be required to keep your pistol all day long, therefore, the holster should be as comfortable as possible. Nor will you be able to use it correctly. The best advice is to find a comfortable holster to notice the material is made from. you should avoid synthetic materials when there are so many leather holsters are available out there.


You must take a holistic that allows you to access your revolver very fast. Therefore, placing the right position is important for flexibility. You must expect a holister that should be flexible together with the standing and preservation of the holster. Most chest holsters have additional decoration or buckles for precisely the same.


No matter how valuable your holster is when it takes time to reach out your weapon. A chest holster needs to be readily reachable very quickly. It should not have a considerable bulge or twist, and therefore you don’t experience difficulties while obtaining your own weapon.

Pistol Adjustability:

Last, the chest holster should fit your weapon well. It is required to access your pistol as fast as possible and only chest holster allows you to do that. the holster gives a covered trigger guard, open/closed socket finish and suitable match.

By way of instance, S&W Magnum’ doesn’t match in a chest holster intended specifically for Glocks.

Are You The Right Person For A Chest Holster?

The chest holster comes with a unique layout and at which other choices will constrain the lower portion of the chest and legs. For outside functions, these work flawlessly, and they supply the quick draw capacity of you wind up in a dangerous scenario.

It’s comfortable to wear and can be removed just as quickly, which makes it perfect for camping and backpacking. Consider it. Carrying a backpack while using a gun hidden at 4:30 in your waist signifies the pack could be hitting on the arm with every measure. Not enjoyable.

As you’ll almost certainly be outside, hiding it is not a massive requirement, so if you strap it into your torso, it may fit comfortably on your own clothing.

If you love running, then this kind will be ideal. The torso is a simple place to take a weapon when going, and it provides you with the capability to operate at a reasonable pace.

These holsters work flawlessly if you experience predators. And in a lot of the areas like Alaska, you’ll come face to face with them when camping or hiking.

How To Pull The Pistol From A Chest Holster?

When it is all about the chest holster, your gun is placed around the center of your chest. Hence the name. So this means you will be moving across your chest to draw the weapon.

Therefore, the right-handed option will be nearby the left shoulder, and the gun will be situated towards the left side as well. The exact opposite is valid for the left-handed shooter.

The same process in another word, while the drawing way looks dull, you will still need to work on the technique to develop that process. The gun is always secured to keep it from falling out.

The beginners may feel invisible barrier when they start using a chest holster. Not much different from the retention strap in regular IWB or OWB holsters, but definitely something to keep in mind.

What Are The Uses Of across the chest holsters?

For this kind of holster, your rifle it should be placed around the middle of your chest. This means you’ll be reaching across your torso to draw on the weapon.

Hence, the right-handed option will probably be around the left shoulder, and the rifle is going to be located towards the left as well. The exact reverse is right for your left-handed shot.

In other word, you will still have to work on the method to build up that muscle memory. As the pistol is always perfect for keeping it from falling out.

But there is a problem you should keep in mind before stepping to the chest holster as the massive difference from the retention strap in routine IWB or even OWB holsters.

Hiking And Hunting

If you have any desire for hiking, running any other adversarial movement that you perfect for chest holster because chest holster ensures more secured carry for you.

Top 6 Best Chest Holsters Reviews

Now we are going to repair gears and have a glance at a few of our favorite chest holsters. When different holster provides different facilities, therefore, we are going to highlight a few essential features and pros and cons to search for. Let’s begin!

1. Gunfightersinc Kenai Chest Holster

Probably, you have heard about Kenai Chest Holster since there is a wide status of this chest holster. It includes a Kydex established molded design with plenty of adjustable length straps. Don’t worry about the strip since the straps are long enough to customize your own.

It may be worn low or high on the torso, depending upon your own tastes. Where you can access very fast to reach your pistol. which is extremely needed for you.

It matches most handguns, as well as the Kydex layout, makes it watertight. Moreover, the holster is miniature red dot sight harmonious with Glock 21 versions.

The holster can also be readily available for your own Glock 23 and 32.the best Kenai Chest Holster.

Pros In Short:

  • Use Different Model Of Pistol
  • Highly Adjustable Straps.
  • Waterproof Kydex Material.
  • Compatible With Glocks 20/21.
  • Easy To Use
  • Cost-Effective

Cons In Short:

  • No Padding.
  • A Bit Expensive

Bottom Line

Undoughtly, The holster what im talking about is an excellent solution for those that are asking a secure and watertight chest holster, complemented with an extreme length of elastic straps.

You can consider this holster, except it lacks suitable padding; this may influence you when you wear it on a loose top.

2. Man Gear Alaska Ultimate Chest Holsters

No matter how many chest holsters you are familiar with since you holster allows you to carry your pistol. You may desire to carry pistol more professionally than this one is highly recommended to consider.

There are different colors and size are available as per your requirement so pick the right one for your pistol.

The metal D rings create the holster secure and permit it to be worn in 3 different ways. It’s been made with 1680 Denier Nylon and is comfy over the skin.

The holster is also cushioned, providing for it to be concealed under the top. You are allowed to carry other stuff with this holster because it comes with little more extra storage. You can carry different model pf pistol with this holster such as the 1911 pistol.

Pros In Short:

  • Comfortable And Adjustable.
  • Multiple Variants.
  • Worn In Three Different Ways.

Cons In Short:

  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All.
  • Not Very Durable.
  • Time Consuming Draw.

Bottom Line:

The holster is great since The Man Gear chest holster is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. This holster is a reasonable option for people searching for a moment and a cheap alternative.

3. Blackhawk! Universal Spec-ops Pistol Harness

The Blackhawk universal is an excellent holster as it designed to match all functions. This holster was produced in nylon, which can be soft and comfy over the entire body. This version will fit various kinds of handguns.

The excess buckles on the sides of this holster make it be transported in vertical, horizontal or angled spots. The holster is fully cushioned and flexible on the straps in addition to the holster.

Additionally, it offers a pouch underneath the holster to maintain an excess mag. The single drawback is the fact that it’s right-handed and straps may fall short for a huge man.

Pros In Short:

  • Storage Extra Mag Pouch.
  • Fits Most Pistols.
  • Multiple Carry Angles.
  • Comfortable And Adjustable.

Cons In Short:

  • Right Handed Only.
  • Not Suitable For Large Guys.
  • Limited Concealment

Bottom Line

There is no such chest holster as like The Blackhawk Universal since it comes with very useful features such as size-fits-all alternative for carrying handguns. The unique layout and design make the chest holster extremely comfortable. On the other hand, it allows you to access your pistol so fast and carry additional mag.

4. Diamond D Guides Choice Ruger Super Redhawk (Alaskan) Chest Holster

This is another best Leather Chest Holster, which is durable tanned and contains thin strapping to decrease the weight and dimensions. In other word, the Diamond D Redhawk chest holster includes a straightforward leather design that sits comfortably in your entire body.

The holster is comfortable to adjust and can be secured using a buckle lock. The straps are adjustable and nicely accommodate all body types.

This alternative is quite costly, but we’d recommend it to its durability and the comfort it gives. It’s made for over the clothing and may be corrected for various body types. We’d also like to advise you to Keep the leather condition and spend in a leather cleaning and healing merchandise.

The whole holster consists of leather, which can be comfy and will last longer. The holster suits just Ruger Alaskan that is obviously a drawback. The holster can also be readily available for your own S&W N Frame Revolver.

Pros In Short:

  • Durable meterials
  • Nice Design.
  • Comfortable.
  • Fits Well With Different Body Types.

Cons In Short:

  • Use only with 454 Ruger Alaskan.
  • Carry Angle Not Adjustable

Bottom Line

The Diamond D is a just handmade chest holster composed of comfy leather. But, it’s restricted only to this Ruger Alaskan. It gives a sturdy holster for a massive gun, but with minimal alterations.

5. Vtac Big Rig Chest Holster

If tactical chest rig is precise, what you’re searching for, look no more. This is your own winner.

This was created for almost any semi-automatic pistol or revolver and comprises several components that you keep your publications and additional tactical equipment.

It’s durably designed with added buckles, and these may be employed to correct the size and the region.

The plan is ergonomic and also the bigger patch will readily adjust to the contour of the physique. It allows for rapid access too and making adjustments or replacing your publications may be achieved with no hassles.

This design comes with an additional strap which no other chest holster has. It’s a strap which connects to a belt to get an excess method to hold the rig down.

These straps may be uncomfortable at first, but when you become accustomed to them, they ought to be a bit comfier. The alteration buckles can also be strategically positioned to steer clear of sensitive stains where abrasions may begin.

It is made to be worn with or with a backpack, as anticipated.

For everyone these attributes, this rig is really really inexpensive, and we’d certainly recommend it for a few hardcore outdoor usages. It comes in two great colors to pick from.

Pros In Short:

  • Long-Lasting Leather Design.
  • Comfortable.
  • Handmade With Precision And Detail.
  • Works Well With Large Body Types.

Cons In Short:

  • Fits Only 454 Ruger Alaskan.
  • Carry Angle Not Adjustable

Bottom Line:

You should consider The Diamond D chest holster because of comfortable carry But, it’s restricted only to this Ruger Alaskan. You will never even find such durable holster out there.

6. Holster For 1911: Kenai Chest Holster For 1911

The Colt 1911 is among the great guns in the united states, and it includes a longer barrel compared to several different handguns.

It’s durable and includes an ideal molding for your weapon to sit down in place and possess the coil pointing out in the base. To prevent possible future risks. A trigger guard has also been added.

With numerous buckles which have been strategically positioned to prevent any possible abrasions, it’ll be easy to adjust also. No security strap is contained on the plan.

Even though this could be somewhat unnerving, the rifle is kept in place from the cozy Kydex match. The advantage? It will provide you with quick draw capability.

So it comprises several straps. Two which go around your chest and another round a shoulder. This is precise, what you need for equilibrium.

These straps are easy to adjust. However, you’ll have to get accustomed to wearing it if you’re using it for extended outdoor treks. It’s also worth mentioning that the total product was handmade in the united states.

If you’re among the 1911 fans, this will surely be the ideal choice to select for your outdoor excursions. We’d highly recommend it for external applications such as hunting, fishing, and trekking.

Pros In Short:

  • Long-Lasting Leather Design.
  • Comfortable.
  • Handmade With Precision And Detail.
  • Works Well With Large Body Types.

Cons In Short:

  • Fits Only 454 Ruger Alaskan.
  • Carry Angle Not Adjustable

Bottom Line:

The Diamond D is a just handmade chest holster composed of comfy leather. But, it’s restricted only to this Ruger Alaskan. It gives a sturdy holster for a massive gun, but with minimal alterations.

How To Wear Chest Holsters?

It’s strapped around your chest and a shoulder to keep it on towards one side of their human body. This usually means you will have to draw upon the body when obtaining the weapon.

Typically, people purchase these when they do not have to carry. However, they have variations that were developed for regular and hidden carry. The concealed carry versions are somewhat different, and they comprise holes for venting.


A fabulous chest holster has to be comfortable, readily accessible, flexible and should fit your weapon.

Chest Holsters are ideal while carrying huge backpacks since they don’t make a distinction in your draw. Therefore, my chose is your VTAC Big Rig Chest Holster.

In other words, a chest holsters are a fantastic assistant to take your handgun safely while hiking, hunting, or camping.

Are likewise an easy-to-draw alternative in self-defense scenarios, in wild or urban locations.

Ow that you’ve got a bit better comprehension of the kind of holster, you may be asking yourself which one is your ideal.

So, we went through all of the legwork to locate the ideal chest rig holster and also spare you the problem.

It’s an exceptional strap which connects to a belt. This adds an excess layer of equality which other holsters do not.

We hope you have gotten some fantastic information from this review on chest holsters. Not only have we gone over the best possibilities, but we also clarified how they operate and if a person would use a single.

Tell us in the comments what you believe and if you’ve used this kind before. Any suggestions are useful!