About Me

I am really happy to know that you reach here to know more about me. actually, my name is “Devid Luise” and I am a big gun lover from my childhood. Very recently I planned to run a blog where I could share all the necessary kinds of stuff related to firearms accessories. Since I am a gun lover with the support of my grandfather, we made so many hunting campaigns in a different location and of course using different firearms, therefore, I got chance to touch with many weapons therefore i started this blog on all types of pistol handgun grips.

However, I plan to be constantly adding informative articles and tips on all aspects of pistol handgun grips, a shoulder holster for 1911 pistol, 1911 pistol frame, 1911 custom pistol grips, colt pistol grips, 1911 pistol kits, pistol grips ivory, and exotic wood pistol grips. I hope you will find the posts informative and interesting. Please feel free to comment on any of our posts and articles. I hope you like our site.

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